jeudi 21 avril 2016

Working on: a space hulk generator

I am slowly working on a space hulk generator inspired from How to Host a Dungeon.
In the meantime, I doodled a spaceships-comets amalgam.

mercredi 13 avril 2016

The Star Agony

Something in warp space peeled the outer hull of this space hulk.

mardi 12 avril 2016


Your homeworld is a backwater world that have been isolated and forgotten by the Imperium for centuries. Your only hope of getting out of there is to scavenge or board spacehulks that drift or jump into your planetary system. The group can come from the same homeworld (recommended) or from different ones (linked together by warp gates).

Your homeworld is a (d10):
  1. Feral world
  2. Death world
  3. Medieval world
  4. Civilized world
  5. Hive world
  6. Industrial world
  7. Research world
  8. Paradise world
  9. Agricultural world
  10. Penal world  
that is (d10)*:
  1. becoming a feral world
  2. becoming a death world
  3. becoming a medieval world
  4. becoming a civilized world
  5. becoming a hive world
  6. also a industrial world
  7. also a research world
  8. also a paradise world
  9. also a agricultural world
  10. also a penal world
*If you roll the same type of world twice, your world is simply of that type.

Your homeworld have 1d3 special features (d20):
  1. Orbital stations (1d3)  
  2. Orbital defenses (1d4)
  3. Have colonies in this system (1d3)  
  4. Moons (1d6) 
  5. Multiple suns (1d3+1) 
  6. Surrounded by a asteroids field (or rings) 
  7. Surrounded by a space debris field (or rings) 
  8. is also a ice or arid or tropical world (or in the process of becoming one)
  9. is also a volcanic world (or in the process of becoming one)
  10. is also a water world (or in the process of becoming one)
  11. have climatic controllers (often damaged or in ruins)  
  12. have a important underground network of tunnels 
  13. A second world in this planetary system is inhabited (relations may not be good...)
  14. Alien or heretic ruins 
  15. Radioactive vehicles graveyards or battlefields (or minefields) 
  16. Ruins of dark age cities 
  17. Subhuman population or a local sentient specie 
  18. Damaged but still sentient machine spirits 
  19. Strange natural features, events or cycles  
  20. have maintained rare contacts with the Imperium (like every 100 years)

After centuries of isolation the Imperial cult have (d10): 
  1. been tainted with occult concepts and imageries 
  2. been tainted with xeno concepts and imageries 
  3. been tainted with errors and heretic ideas (the Emperor is a Empress, everyone can become a Space Marine, mutants are the children of the Emperor, etc...)   
  4. drifted toward venerating other elements of the imperium (Legion Astartes, Astropath, Inquisitors, Heroes, etc)
  5. merged with a local cult or religion 
  6. been forgotten and replaced by a local cult or religion (but traces remains) 
  7. become a corrupted and dangerous political faction
  8. become casual and optional 
  9. become very orthodox and very oppressive (more than in the Imperium...)  
  10. remained true and faithful
Mutants are (d10):
  1. feared like powerful or supernatural monsters  
  2. coldly purged, imprisoned or quarantined 
  3. enslaved and dehumanized 
  4. outcasts that form their own society 
  5. drafted into service (but they still have some basic rights)  
  6. tolerated as poor second class citizens
  7. ignored (their existence is officially denied)
  8. a accepted caste with special rules that everyone most follow  
  9. loyal, faithful and penitent (often martyrs) 
  10. admired (openly or secretly) 
The technological black market (d10):
  1. secretly control and run everything 
  2. is in the hands of two powerful warring factions
  3. is a religious cult 
  4. is a uncontrolled open market  
  5. is legal and regulated by a official guild or faction 
  6. is under the scrutiny of a special police force
  7. is a cooperative initiative that help people 
  8. is totally ruthless and competitive 
  9. is declared heretic (technology is generally feared) 
  10. is infiltrated by occult or xeno agents 
What happened the last time a spacehulk jumped into this planetary system? (d10)
  1. it was a time of hope, people united together to deflect the hulk to avoid a devastating impact.
  2. the world was struck with riots, fear, mistrust and superstition. The hulk was destroyed or drifted away.
  3. the spacehulk was worshiped as a god or was believed to be a holy omen and was integrated into the religious texts. People made pilgrimages to the hulk and became martyrs (but some returned).  
  4. it was a time of economic and political turmoils, alliances changed and the world political map was redraw. Some parts of the hulk crashed on the world before the hulk drifted away. 
  5. a single faction rapidly raised to power with the technology stolen from the hulk. 
  6. it created a orbital gold rush as everyone tried to loot the hulk. 
  7. it attracted space scavengers that occupied orbital space for some years. 
  8. something contaminated or invaded the world until the hulk randomly jumped away into the warp. 
  9. the massive spacehulk gravity and warp field messed up with the natural cycles of the planet (or it moons). People were send on suicide quests or missions to activate the hulk warp drive. 
  10. the hulk was destroyed during it entry into the atmosphere and caused a cataclysme. Some people were able to gain technological artifacts from the space debris. 
Note: spacehulks have brought space faring technological artifacts to primitive worlds so that every type of world can be the homeworld of space faring scavengers. 

lundi 11 avril 2016

Starting spaceship

The group start with a random spaceship

Scavenger Spaceship
Profile:Max speed Min speedAcc/decTRRCpTDSvEqWp
Cargo: 4d6+40
Data bank:2d6+20
Fuel: 4d6+10

  • TRR: turn ratio 
  • Cp: crew capacity 
  • T: toughness 
  • D: damage points
  • Sv: armor save 
  • Eq: equipment points (small equipment take 1Eq, large take 2Eq, very large take 3Eq) 
  • Wp: weapon points (basic weapons take 1Wp, heavy 2Wp, very heavy 6Wp, defense lasers 10Wp) 
  • Cargo: maximum hard loot points you can carry 
  • Data bank: maximum data loot points you can carry
  • Fuel: maximum fuel you can carry
The group have 20 build points to equip and upgrade their spaceship, this include ship equipment and weaponry. The location and fire arc of each weapons must be draw on a ship diagram. 

Weapon mounts:
  • Fixed mount: -1pt
  • 45% turret: +0pt
  • 90% turret: +1pt
  • 180% turret: +2pt
  • 380% turret: +3pt
  • Twin link: +1pt
Profile upgrades:
  • Max speed: 1pt per 1"
  • Min speed: 1pt per -1"
  • Acc/dec: 1/2pt per 1"
  • TRR: 2pt per -1/2
  • Cp: 2pt per rating point 
  • T: 3pt per rating point 
  • D: 5pt per rating point  
  • Sv: 10pt per armor save step
  • Eq: 1pt per rating point 
  • Wp: 2pt per rating point 
  • Cargo: 1pt per rating point
  • Data bank: 1pt per rating point
  • Fuel: 1pt per rating point
  • Shuttle or garage bay: 10pt per bay (max 2)
During the game, installing a new upgrade take a INT or Engineering test.
If you roll a:
  • natural 12: you get a points refund of 25% and +1 for your next upgrade test. 
  • success: the upgrade is installed 
  • fail: the upgrade cost +50% 
  • natural 2: the upgrade cost +100% 

Fuel uses:
  • Fuel burning maneuvers burn d6 fuel points (but add as much to the ship Acc/dec or give +1 to a piloting test) 
  • Going into orbit cost 2d6 fuel points (half with a successful piloting test) 
  • Reentry cost d6 fuel points (half with a successful piloting test) 
  • Landing and taking off cost 1 fuel point.
  • Long distance planet side travel take 1 fuel point.  
  • Space travel take d6 fuel points per astronomical unit.   
Warp drive:
The ship have a unstable salvaged warp drive (warp drive level -3) 
Upgrading the warp drive cost 20 build points per level.
A better warp drive mean less random warp encounters or events and more accurate jumps. 
Warp jumping without warp coordinates, a navigator and a astropath is pretty crazy.
I will post random tables for this. 

dimanche 10 avril 2016

Space scavengers crew: The Restful Meadows Travel Club

Benjamin B rolled a crew of space scavengers: The Restful Meadows Travel Club.

"A group of retirees from a boring agricultural world who've taken up space hulking in their golden years so they can go out with at least one grand adventure under their belts. 

The Colonel isn't and has never been a Colonel, but played the famous Imperial Guard Colonel Matheus Hawke so memorably in The Restful Meadows Players's production of With Blood, With Honor that the nickname stuck.  He's the Travel Club's nominal leader. 

Old Charlie served in the Guard in his youth, and has his old lasgun in working order again.  He doesn't remember much, except for the necessity to keep everything shiny and in ship shape.  He looks like he's wearing a bigger man's armor, but it was his own when he was a bigger man. 

Young Charlie is young only by the standards of Restful Meadows.  He did something with agricultural chemicals in his youth, and possibly some extra-legal applications of such chemicals.  He carries a relic of his own younger days in the form of gas grenades that induce psychotic fear (also the reason the whole team wears filter masks)

Granny Sweetums is the oldest member of the squad.  They bolted armor plates onto her mobility exoskeleton, and gave her an antique chainsword which the Players had been using as a prop.  She's like Estelle Getty in powered armor.  She kicks in the door, if there's a door to be kicked in. " 

The Colonel
Mesh armor (1)
Filter Mask (1/2)
Eye shield Visor (1/2)
Graviton Gun (2)
total - 4

Granny Sweetums
Power Armor (6)
Filter Mask (1/2)
Eye shield Visor (1/2)
Chainsword (1 1/2)
total - 8,5

Old Charlie
Mesh (1)
Filter Mask (1/2)
Eye shield Visor (1/2)
Lasgun (1 1/2)
total - 3.5

Young Charlie
Mesh (1)
Filter Mask (1/2)
Eye shield Visor (1/2)
Shotgun (1)
Scaregas Grenades (1)
total - 4


  • Good medium ranged weapons (plasma weapons) 
  • Good area effect weapons and grenades 
  • Slow 
  • Suck in melee but it can be dangerous to blow them up in hand to hand combat. 
  • They are vulnerable to flamers (but they have anti-flamers spores clouds) 

The Rain of Miasma is composed of three spaceships and a bunch of asteroids, mycons mushrooms have grow all over it. It release deadly spore pods when it get close to a planet.

samedi 9 avril 2016

How I want to play

I want to try to run space hulks as old school dungeons with the original Rogue Trader ruleset.

I would run the game using turns and random encounters like in a dungeon.
Each player would play a four man squad, kind of like in a DCC funnel game.

The player characters would be space scavengers who loot space hulks.
The game would be cooperative, the PCs would all work together in the same space scavenger crew.
I would use the Rogue Trader campaign rules to manage character advancement and permanent wounds.

Space scavengers squad creation:

1) Roll 4 characters. Each character start with basic human stats and receive d6-2 random stats upgrades. (A result of -1 mean a stat downgrade, reroll if you roll "wounds" to downgrade)

2) Mutation check: roll a d6 for each character, if you roll a "1" roll on the mutation table:

  • 1) psyker level 01
  • 2) psyker level 01 + one mutation
  • 3) one mutation + wild navigator gene
  • 4) one mutation
  • 5) two mutations
  • 6) three mutations

3) Choose a squad leader, this character receive +1 in Leadership.

4) Spend 20 points of weapons & gear to equip your entire crew. 

Optional: personal skills

Personal skills
If you don't want to use skills simply make INT test.
But to add some bit of personality to the scavengers, you can give each character a random skill that start at level 1.

Skill ratings range from level 1 to 2.

To make a skill check make a 2d6 test against INT+SKILL level.

You can also add in a difficulty factor:
  • Easy: +1
  • Hard: -1 to -3

Some possible skills:
  • Piloting (to pilot spaceships in normal space) 
  • Engineering (to repair stuff) 
  • Demolition (to remove explosives) 
  • Sensors (to scan stuff while in your spaceship) 
I would probably let each player choose a skill to attribute to one member of his/her crew. 
(So only one character by crew of 4 would start with a skill) (but I have to test this...) 

vendredi 8 avril 2016

Space Hulk Dungeon #1 The Iron Fist

The Iron Fist is a old cruiser that merged with a asteroid some thousands years ago. 

The asteroid was full of void worms, strange vegetal worms that flower in the warp. They dig into corpses and circuitry where they can remain dormant until the ship accidently jump out of the warp. 

Some years ago the hulk jumped out of the warp and some crazy space miners tried to mine the rare warp-enriched minerals of the asteroid. Everything went well until they disturbed the void worms...

The rooms are not exactly mapped and the GM will have to improvise them. But if I am able to run this space hulk, I will post my maps here. 

  • (P): Pressurized area
  • (UP): Unpressurized area
  • (E): powered areas

Data loot can be sell or spend to discover new space hulks and get more information on them.
Hard loot can be sell or spend to upgrade your gear and spaceship.   
It usually take 1 turn to gather a d6 worth of loot.  
Powered systems can be reactivated with a INT test at -2, it take 1d6 turns by attempts. 

  • (1) Main bridge (P) / 2d6 void worms zombies connected to the controls via tendrils, smell of plastic melted with jasmins / data loot: 2d6 / hard loot: 1d6 
  • (2) Security station (P) / bulkhead controls / a mad survivor in ambush with a flame thrower, recruitable ((but prone to random psychological effects) / weapon lockers: d6 random weapons. 
  • (3) Weapon systems bridge (UP) / floating corpse of a miner strapped with old explosive charges / hard loot: 1d6 
  • (4) Planning room (UP)(E) / distracting malfunctioning holograms (cool test or get -1 to I in this location) / mummified corpses of d6 executed officers / captain log data loot: 1d6 x 2
  • (5) Crew carters (UP) 3 waves of 1d6+1 void worms zombies / hard loot: 1d6+2 / officers room: 1d6+1 data loot.  
  • (6) Astrogation bridge (UP)(E) / broken windows / incinerated mutant navigator, fused to his chair with void worms roots / data loot: 1d6 x 10 
  • (7) Data banks (P)(E) / void worms nest / if data bank is reactivated you get a reroll when looting the Astrogation data.
  • (8) Main antenna (UP) / random encounters become chance of being hit by debris / signs of sabotage/ hard loot: 2d6
  • (9) Gun turrets (UP) / can be manned if weapon system is reactivated / have a big chance of jamming if fired / hard loot: 1d6+1 but take a extra turn to loot.
  • (10) General stores (P) / have been looted, hard loot: 1d6-1 / gear: 1d6 random items.
  • (11) Life support (P)(E) / two sentry guns have been set there by the miner engineer
  • (12) Engineering (P)(E) / crazy miner engineer survivor, recruitable (but prone to random psychological effects) / 1d6 nearly repaired sentry guns / door can only be opened from inside / hard loot: 1d6+2.
  • (13) Power core (UP) / fluctuating / can be repaired at the risk of activating the warp field / take 2d6 turns to repair, but if repaired it can be salvaged for: 1d6 x 10 hard loot / chance of warp entity encounters (instead of explosion and decompression results on the random encounters table). 
  • (14) Main reactors (P) / second nest creeping with void worm vines / 2d6 void worm zombies hidden in the vines / hard loot: 3d6.
  • (15) Store rooms (P) / have been looted other space scums / hard loot: 1d6-2
  • (16) Shuttle bay (UP) / one shuttle can be repaired in 3d6 turns / hangar doors are open / the place is full of space debris / hard loot: 2d6+2
  • (17) Secondary bridge (UP) / full of dead flowers / 1d6 dry void worm zombies (-2I, +1T) /  data loot: 1d6
  • (18) Secondary power cells (P)(E) / looting this area will shut down the emergency power and any remaining life support / hard loot: 2d6+6
  • (19) Cavern 1 (UP) / full of fossilized flowers / weird porous walls / some left over mining equipment.
  • (20) Cavern 2 (UP) / main mining site / left over ore: 4d6 hard loot but take 1d6 turn to mine a d6 of loot 
  • (21) Cavern 3 (UP) / mining equipment / lone mining robot left on self guarding mode / the robot can mine the ore in area 20 in 1 turn by d6 of loot.
  • (22) Makeshift base (P)(E) / booby trapped by the mad engineer, if he joined the group he can deactivate the booby traps (booby traps work as frag grenades) / hard loot: 1d6 / 1d6 vacuum suits
  • (23) Crashed ship (UP) / hard loot: 1d6-2 / pilot vacuum suit is full of void worm spores 
  • (24) Debris field (UP) / chance of being hit by space debris / pilot tests to avoid / orbiting hard loot: 2d6, take a difficult pilot test to collect a d6 of loot. 
  • (25) Asteroid 1 (UP) / miner started drilling in but separated it by accident from the main asteroid / left over ore: 2d6 (must be mined) 
  • (26) Gunship (P) / A rogue psyker tried to runaway in this gunship, a lone psychneuein is hibernating in his corpse / boarding the gunship will awaken it, it will try to infest the nearest psyker. / The gunship is damaged beyond repairs, hard loot: 2d6 
  • (27) Missile turret (UP) / this debris is very dangerous to loot and can explode with any impact / hard loot: 2d6 
  • (28) Asteroid 2 (UP) / the miners have installed a space beacon here, but the rock was dislodged with the other asteroid during a mining accident. The beacon will attract space pirates and augment the random encounter chances by 1 until deactivated. 

Random encounters (1 chance on a d6 every 3 turns:
  • 2-3: a random explosion (as frag or krack grenades) 
  • 4: space pirates squads (2d6)
  • 5: crazy space miners (1d6)
  • 6: space pirates (1d6)
  • 7: power fluctuation (open or shut down doors, life support and other devices) 
  • 8: void worms zombies (1d6)
  • 9: void worms zombies (1d6+2)
  • 10: void worms crawlers (2d6) emerging from the walls 
  • 11-12: decompression (take 1d6+1 rounds)

Void worm zombie: profile & gear as infected human
  • -2 BS / +1S / +1T / +1I (can use ranged weapons) 
Void worm crawlers: 
  • M:4 WS:3 BS:0 S:1* T:1 W:1 I:3 A:1 WP:- (*crawlers can combine to attack together, while doing so they add up their S up to S5) Armor: none 
Void worm nest: 
  • M:0 WS:5 BS:2 S:5 T:5 W:3 I:3 A:3 WP:9 (the nest can project it tendrils (use the handbow stats). Armor: none 
Void worm flowers 
If the void worms are exposed to the warp or to a source of warp energy they flower and gain psyker abilities. (level 01 for void worms zombies and level 02 or 03 for void worm nests) Zombies gain 1 ability by squads and nests gain 3 level 1/2 level 2 /1 level 3 abilities. Zombies also gain 1 additional psy point by squad member.