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Your homeworld is a backwater world that have been isolated and forgotten by the Imperium for centuries. Your only hope of getting out of there is to scavenge or board spacehulks that drift or jump into your planetary system. The group can come from the same homeworld (recommended) or from different ones (linked together by warp gates).

Your homeworld is a (d10):
  1. Feral world
  2. Death world
  3. Medieval world
  4. Civilized world
  5. Hive world
  6. Industrial world
  7. Research world
  8. Paradise world
  9. Agricultural world
  10. Penal world  
that is (d10)*:
  1. becoming a feral world
  2. becoming a death world
  3. becoming a medieval world
  4. becoming a civilized world
  5. becoming a hive world
  6. also a industrial world
  7. also a research world
  8. also a paradise world
  9. also a agricultural world
  10. also a penal world
*If you roll the same type of world twice, your world is simply of that type.

Your homeworld have 1d3 special features (d20):
  1. Orbital stations (1d3)  
  2. Orbital defenses (1d4)
  3. Have colonies in this system (1d3)  
  4. Moons (1d6) 
  5. Multiple suns (1d3+1) 
  6. Surrounded by a asteroids field (or rings) 
  7. Surrounded by a space debris field (or rings) 
  8. is also a ice or arid or tropical world (or in the process of becoming one)
  9. is also a volcanic world (or in the process of becoming one)
  10. is also a water world (or in the process of becoming one)
  11. have climatic controllers (often damaged or in ruins)  
  12. have a important underground network of tunnels 
  13. A second world in this planetary system is inhabited (relations may not be good...)
  14. Alien or heretic ruins 
  15. Radioactive vehicles graveyards or battlefields (or minefields) 
  16. Ruins of dark age cities 
  17. Subhuman population or a local sentient specie 
  18. Damaged but still sentient machine spirits 
  19. Strange natural features, events or cycles  
  20. have maintained rare contacts with the Imperium (like every 100 years)

After centuries of isolation the Imperial cult have (d10): 
  1. been tainted with occult concepts and imageries 
  2. been tainted with xeno concepts and imageries 
  3. been tainted with errors and heretic ideas (the Emperor is a Empress, everyone can become a Space Marine, mutants are the children of the Emperor, etc...)   
  4. drifted toward venerating other elements of the imperium (Legion Astartes, Astropath, Inquisitors, Heroes, etc)
  5. merged with a local cult or religion 
  6. been forgotten and replaced by a local cult or religion (but traces remains) 
  7. become a corrupted and dangerous political faction
  8. become casual and optional 
  9. become very orthodox and very oppressive (more than in the Imperium...)  
  10. remained true and faithful
Mutants are (d10):
  1. feared like powerful or supernatural monsters  
  2. coldly purged, imprisoned or quarantined 
  3. enslaved and dehumanized 
  4. outcasts that form their own society 
  5. drafted into service (but they still have some basic rights)  
  6. tolerated as poor second class citizens
  7. ignored (their existence is officially denied)
  8. a accepted caste with special rules that everyone most follow  
  9. loyal, faithful and penitent (often martyrs) 
  10. admired (openly or secretly) 
The technological black market (d10):
  1. secretly control and run everything 
  2. is in the hands of two powerful warring factions
  3. is a religious cult 
  4. is a uncontrolled open market  
  5. is legal and regulated by a official guild or faction 
  6. is under the scrutiny of a special police force
  7. is a cooperative initiative that help people 
  8. is totally ruthless and competitive 
  9. is declared heretic (technology is generally feared) 
  10. is infiltrated by occult or xeno agents 
What happened the last time a spacehulk jumped into this planetary system? (d10)
  1. it was a time of hope, people united together to deflect the hulk to avoid a devastating impact.
  2. the world was struck with riots, fear, mistrust and superstition. The hulk was destroyed or drifted away.
  3. the spacehulk was worshiped as a god or was believed to be a holy omen and was integrated into the religious texts. People made pilgrimages to the hulk and became martyrs (but some returned).  
  4. it was a time of economic and political turmoils, alliances changed and the world political map was redraw. Some parts of the hulk crashed on the world before the hulk drifted away. 
  5. a single faction rapidly raised to power with the technology stolen from the hulk. 
  6. it created a orbital gold rush as everyone tried to loot the hulk. 
  7. it attracted space scavengers that occupied orbital space for some years. 
  8. something contaminated or invaded the world until the hulk randomly jumped away into the warp. 
  9. the massive spacehulk gravity and warp field messed up with the natural cycles of the planet (or it moons). People were send on suicide quests or missions to activate the hulk warp drive. 
  10. the hulk was destroyed during it entry into the atmosphere and caused a cataclysme. Some people were able to gain technological artifacts from the space debris. 
Note: spacehulks have brought space faring technological artifacts to primitive worlds so that every type of world can be the homeworld of space faring scavengers. 

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