samedi 9 avril 2016

How I want to play

I want to try to run space hulks as old school dungeons with the original Rogue Trader ruleset.

I would run the game using turns and random encounters like in a dungeon.
Each player would play a four man squad, kind of like in a DCC funnel game.

The player characters would be space scavengers who loot space hulks.
The game would be cooperative, the PCs would all work together in the same space scavenger crew.
I would use the Rogue Trader campaign rules to manage character advancement and permanent wounds.

Space scavengers squad creation:

1) Roll 4 characters. Each character start with basic human stats and receive d6-2 random stats upgrades. (A result of -1 mean a stat downgrade, reroll if you roll "wounds" to downgrade)

2) Mutation check: roll a d6 for each character, if you roll a "1" roll on the mutation table:

  • 1) psyker level 01
  • 2) psyker level 01 + one mutation
  • 3) one mutation + wild navigator gene
  • 4) one mutation
  • 5) two mutations
  • 6) three mutations

3) Choose a squad leader, this character receive +1 in Leadership.

4) Spend 20 points of weapons & gear to equip your entire crew. 

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