samedi 9 avril 2016

Optional: personal skills

Personal skills
If you don't want to use skills simply make INT test.
But to add some bit of personality to the scavengers, you can give each character a random skill that start at level 1.

Skill ratings range from level 1 to 2.

To make a skill check make a 2d6 test against INT+SKILL level.

You can also add in a difficulty factor:
  • Easy: +1
  • Hard: -1 to -3

Some possible skills:
  • Piloting (to pilot spaceships in normal space) 
  • Engineering (to repair stuff) 
  • Demolition (to remove explosives) 
  • Sensors (to scan stuff while in your spaceship) 
I would probably let each player choose a skill to attribute to one member of his/her crew. 
(So only one character by crew of 4 would start with a skill) (but I have to test this...) 

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