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Space Hulk Dungeon #1 The Iron Fist

The Iron Fist is a old cruiser that merged with a asteroid some thousands years ago. 

The asteroid was full of void worms, strange vegetal worms that flower in the warp. They dig into corpses and circuitry where they can remain dormant until the ship accidently jump out of the warp. 

Some years ago the hulk jumped out of the warp and some crazy space miners tried to mine the rare warp-enriched minerals of the asteroid. Everything went well until they disturbed the void worms...

The rooms are not exactly mapped and the GM will have to improvise them. But if I am able to run this space hulk, I will post my maps here. 

  • (P): Pressurized area
  • (UP): Unpressurized area
  • (E): powered areas

Data loot can be sell or spend to discover new space hulks and get more information on them.
Hard loot can be sell or spend to upgrade your gear and spaceship.   
It usually take 1 turn to gather a d6 worth of loot.  
Powered systems can be reactivated with a INT test at -2, it take 1d6 turns by attempts. 

  • (1) Main bridge (P) / 2d6 void worms zombies connected to the controls via tendrils, smell of plastic melted with jasmins / data loot: 2d6 / hard loot: 1d6 
  • (2) Security station (P) / bulkhead controls / a mad survivor in ambush with a flame thrower, recruitable ((but prone to random psychological effects) / weapon lockers: d6 random weapons. 
  • (3) Weapon systems bridge (UP) / floating corpse of a miner strapped with old explosive charges / hard loot: 1d6 
  • (4) Planning room (UP)(E) / distracting malfunctioning holograms (cool test or get -1 to I in this location) / mummified corpses of d6 executed officers / captain log data loot: 1d6 x 2
  • (5) Crew carters (UP) 3 waves of 1d6+1 void worms zombies / hard loot: 1d6+2 / officers room: 1d6+1 data loot.  
  • (6) Astrogation bridge (UP)(E) / broken windows / incinerated mutant navigator, fused to his chair with void worms roots / data loot: 1d6 x 10 
  • (7) Data banks (P)(E) / void worms nest / if data bank is reactivated you get a reroll when looting the Astrogation data.
  • (8) Main antenna (UP) / random encounters become chance of being hit by debris / signs of sabotage/ hard loot: 2d6
  • (9) Gun turrets (UP) / can be manned if weapon system is reactivated / have a big chance of jamming if fired / hard loot: 1d6+1 but take a extra turn to loot.
  • (10) General stores (P) / have been looted, hard loot: 1d6-1 / gear: 1d6 random items.
  • (11) Life support (P)(E) / two sentry guns have been set there by the miner engineer
  • (12) Engineering (P)(E) / crazy miner engineer survivor, recruitable (but prone to random psychological effects) / 1d6 nearly repaired sentry guns / door can only be opened from inside / hard loot: 1d6+2.
  • (13) Power core (UP) / fluctuating / can be repaired at the risk of activating the warp field / take 2d6 turns to repair, but if repaired it can be salvaged for: 1d6 x 10 hard loot / chance of warp entity encounters (instead of explosion and decompression results on the random encounters table). 
  • (14) Main reactors (P) / second nest creeping with void worm vines / 2d6 void worm zombies hidden in the vines / hard loot: 3d6.
  • (15) Store rooms (P) / have been looted other space scums / hard loot: 1d6-2
  • (16) Shuttle bay (UP) / one shuttle can be repaired in 3d6 turns / hangar doors are open / the place is full of space debris / hard loot: 2d6+2
  • (17) Secondary bridge (UP) / full of dead flowers / 1d6 dry void worm zombies (-2I, +1T) /  data loot: 1d6
  • (18) Secondary power cells (P)(E) / looting this area will shut down the emergency power and any remaining life support / hard loot: 2d6+6
  • (19) Cavern 1 (UP) / full of fossilized flowers / weird porous walls / some left over mining equipment.
  • (20) Cavern 2 (UP) / main mining site / left over ore: 4d6 hard loot but take 1d6 turn to mine a d6 of loot 
  • (21) Cavern 3 (UP) / mining equipment / lone mining robot left on self guarding mode / the robot can mine the ore in area 20 in 1 turn by d6 of loot.
  • (22) Makeshift base (P)(E) / booby trapped by the mad engineer, if he joined the group he can deactivate the booby traps (booby traps work as frag grenades) / hard loot: 1d6 / 1d6 vacuum suits
  • (23) Crashed ship (UP) / hard loot: 1d6-2 / pilot vacuum suit is full of void worm spores 
  • (24) Debris field (UP) / chance of being hit by space debris / pilot tests to avoid / orbiting hard loot: 2d6, take a difficult pilot test to collect a d6 of loot. 
  • (25) Asteroid 1 (UP) / miner started drilling in but separated it by accident from the main asteroid / left over ore: 2d6 (must be mined) 
  • (26) Gunship (P) / A rogue psyker tried to runaway in this gunship, a lone psychneuein is hibernating in his corpse / boarding the gunship will awaken it, it will try to infest the nearest psyker. / The gunship is damaged beyond repairs, hard loot: 2d6 
  • (27) Missile turret (UP) / this debris is very dangerous to loot and can explode with any impact / hard loot: 2d6 
  • (28) Asteroid 2 (UP) / the miners have installed a space beacon here, but the rock was dislodged with the other asteroid during a mining accident. The beacon will attract space pirates and augment the random encounter chances by 1 until deactivated. 

Random encounters (1 chance on a d6 every 3 turns:
  • 2-3: a random explosion (as frag or krack grenades) 
  • 4: space pirates squads (2d6)
  • 5: crazy space miners (1d6)
  • 6: space pirates (1d6)
  • 7: power fluctuation (open or shut down doors, life support and other devices) 
  • 8: void worms zombies (1d6)
  • 9: void worms zombies (1d6+2)
  • 10: void worms crawlers (2d6) emerging from the walls 
  • 11-12: decompression (take 1d6+1 rounds)

Void worm zombie: profile & gear as infected human
  • -2 BS / +1S / +1T / +1I (can use ranged weapons) 
Void worm crawlers: 
  • M:4 WS:3 BS:0 S:1* T:1 W:1 I:3 A:1 WP:- (*crawlers can combine to attack together, while doing so they add up their S up to S5) Armor: none 
Void worm nest: 
  • M:0 WS:5 BS:2 S:5 T:5 W:3 I:3 A:3 WP:9 (the nest can project it tendrils (use the handbow stats). Armor: none 
Void worm flowers 
If the void worms are exposed to the warp or to a source of warp energy they flower and gain psyker abilities. (level 01 for void worms zombies and level 02 or 03 for void worm nests) Zombies gain 1 ability by squads and nests gain 3 level 1/2 level 2 /1 level 3 abilities. Zombies also gain 1 additional psy point by squad member. 

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