lundi 11 avril 2016

Starting spaceship

The group start with a random spaceship

Scavenger Spaceship
Profile:Max speed Min speedAcc/decTRRCpTDSvEqWp
Cargo: 4d6+40
Data bank:2d6+20
Fuel: 4d6+10

  • TRR: turn ratio 
  • Cp: crew capacity 
  • T: toughness 
  • D: damage points
  • Sv: armor save 
  • Eq: equipment points (small equipment take 1Eq, large take 2Eq, very large take 3Eq) 
  • Wp: weapon points (basic weapons take 1Wp, heavy 2Wp, very heavy 6Wp, defense lasers 10Wp) 
  • Cargo: maximum hard loot points you can carry 
  • Data bank: maximum data loot points you can carry
  • Fuel: maximum fuel you can carry
The group have 20 build points to equip and upgrade their spaceship, this include ship equipment and weaponry. The location and fire arc of each weapons must be draw on a ship diagram. 

Weapon mounts:
  • Fixed mount: -1pt
  • 45% turret: +0pt
  • 90% turret: +1pt
  • 180% turret: +2pt
  • 380% turret: +3pt
  • Twin link: +1pt
Profile upgrades:
  • Max speed: 1pt per 1"
  • Min speed: 1pt per -1"
  • Acc/dec: 1/2pt per 1"
  • TRR: 2pt per -1/2
  • Cp: 2pt per rating point 
  • T: 3pt per rating point 
  • D: 5pt per rating point  
  • Sv: 10pt per armor save step
  • Eq: 1pt per rating point 
  • Wp: 2pt per rating point 
  • Cargo: 1pt per rating point
  • Data bank: 1pt per rating point
  • Fuel: 1pt per rating point
  • Shuttle or garage bay: 10pt per bay (max 2)
During the game, installing a new upgrade take a INT or Engineering test.
If you roll a:
  • natural 12: you get a points refund of 25% and +1 for your next upgrade test. 
  • success: the upgrade is installed 
  • fail: the upgrade cost +50% 
  • natural 2: the upgrade cost +100% 

Fuel uses:
  • Fuel burning maneuvers burn d6 fuel points (but add as much to the ship Acc/dec or give +1 to a piloting test) 
  • Going into orbit cost 2d6 fuel points (half with a successful piloting test) 
  • Reentry cost d6 fuel points (half with a successful piloting test) 
  • Landing and taking off cost 1 fuel point.
  • Long distance planet side travel take 1 fuel point.  
  • Space travel take d6 fuel points per astronomical unit.   
Warp drive:
The ship have a unstable salvaged warp drive (warp drive level -3) 
Upgrading the warp drive cost 20 build points per level.
A better warp drive mean less random warp encounters or events and more accurate jumps. 
Warp jumping without warp coordinates, a navigator and a astropath is pretty crazy.
I will post random tables for this. 

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