lundi 6 juin 2016

Spacehulk: Old Leviathan

(illustration: Chad R@2016)

Void Eaters 
These strange aliens suck and compress energy from ships and from equipment. They can survive in the vacuum of space and have a limited warp teleportation ability. They invade ships when they jump back from warp space and target their life support and energy systems. They make weird wailing sounds.

M:3 WS:3 BS:3 S:3 T:4 W:1 I:3 A:1 WP:9 
Saves: 6+ vs projectiles weapons, saves 4+ vs energy weapons (they suck in the energy) 
Special attacks: 
  • Life force draining: like laspistol but ignore non energetic armor saves. Special characters can save against this attack with a WP test made at -1. 
  • Energy drain: like graviton gun, but depower the equipment of one unit by hit. This have no effect on stub guns and other primitive weapons. When attacking vehicles, roll on the vehicle random hit table to determine what part of the vehicle is depowered. 
  • Massive energy projection: after draining a piece of equipment or sucking a energy weapon hit, a void eater can make a massive energy projection attack equivalent of a meltagun attack. 
  • Vacuum: like graviton gun but instead pull the target toward the void eater. The target must make a cool test to avoid loosing it next turn of action.  
  • Melee attack: on a sucessful hit the void eater can swallow a medium sized target. A swallowed target take 1 automatic hit by turn (test S vs T), armor saves still applies. The swallowed target can attack from the inside with close combat weapons but suffer a penalty of -2 to it WS. The swallowed target take a automatic hit when someone shoot and kill the void eater that have swallowed it (but they receive a bonus of +1 to their armor save). Close combat attacks dont hit swallowed victims. 
  • Matter projection: after eating a victim in hant-to-hand combat a void eater can make a projectile attack equivalent of a boltgun attack. They can also take a turn to suck-in room equipment to convert it into boltgun projectiles. 

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